Team Asterous

Queer, funny and inclusive.

We're a small team of LGBTQIA+ creators making videos and podcasts together in Sydney, Australia.

Our videos

We started a YouTube channel in 2019 with some fun gaming videos, and are working on adding more variety to what we do there.

Every video we release has captions.

A yellow cartoon satellite floating in space.

Our podcasts

In 2020, we're beginning to launch original podcasts, based on a mix of our different strengths and interests.

Every podcast episode we release has transcripts.

A yellow crescent moon shape floating in space.

You can help us

The most powerful thing you can do is share our videos or podcasts with your closest friends and enemies. Leaving reviews or comments helps a little too.

We also accept donations to keep the ship fueled and our hosting paid for.

Who is Team Asterous?

We're a tiny team that aims to collaborate with our favourite creators, here are the core members:

NamePronounsVibeSpecial move
AemynHe/HimForest bard learned electricityMake anything into music
AngeleHe/HimPastel-loving cat wizardSleep anytime anywhere
JasperThey/ThemCharming vampire warlockRecite the deep magic

Get in touch

We are looking for local LGBTQIA+ creators to collaborate and swap promo-bumpers with.

Send us a transmission with a link to what you're up to in the form below:

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